Thursday, July 31, 2008

I know it's Monday!

Sorry for making you wait. I've been so busy in the last two weeks. Problem is I have no idea what I did.

Well nothing outrageous happened at the airport in the last two weeks. Just the same old stupid questions. I did see some strange hairdos and outfits again but wasn't quick enough with my camera.

I was however dumbfounded when a lady two weeks ago brought her 5 yr old son to send him to Mexico by himself. I wondered what really happens to those kids because it happened again this week. These kids are barely 40lbs soak and wet and have no clue what's going on.

I think the most daring of parents I've encountered was when a 7 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl was sent to Barcelona, Spain with a connection flight in New York and Paris ALONE. These parents are crazy. What are they thinking. Whatever reason they are going there for, why not send an adult with them. Even though Delta personnel are with these children every single minute from start to finish it cannot be good for the kids. They are passed from one Delta person to another to another so these kids could be scared to death but with every hand there's no personal touch I wouldn't think. Anyway I know there are single parents who have to send their kids to see family and have no choice to send them alone but I still think you have to draw the line somewhere. I've seen many single parents fly with them and immediately turn around and fly back. Here to Boise or Los Angeles is way different then sending them out of the country. Side note: 15 - 17 year old kids can fly without paying or having the unaccompanied minor service if you wish. It's an option. So if you choose to send them alone don't come to the airport expecting us to watch them or if you want a pass so you can go through security with him and go on the plane with him to make sure he puts on his seat belt. Yes parents do that. If you're going to send him alone just send him alone. OK that was too much I don't want to even go back and read it.

One last note: Lets go back to my last post and remind you about rule #2 and 3. Just remember one thing. The Airport Police hardly ever get a change to turn on their lights so when they get a chance they will use it. So if you're running late, (again not Delta's fault) don't speed in the loading and unloading zones. They are just waiting to turn on their lights and give you a ticket. Just last week a woman was killed crossing the street at the airport here in Salt Lake City. It's a 10 mph zone. Don't speed. Unless you're bringing me food then hurry in. Until next week, ALOHA!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Aloha Friday!

Working for Delta Air Lines for almost 13 years has giving me the edge to call Tuesdays my Friday having Wednesdays and Thursdays off. You have to have at least 20 years to have partial weekends off. Lucky me. Most of you know I work at the ticket counter at the airport. I have the awesome privilege of dealing with the general public which majority of them tend to leave their brains at home before coming to the airport. Every single day I experience something that makes me say “what are these people thinking”. So I thought on my Fridays I’ll share the best story of the week. Believe me we get a good one every day. To help you make your check-in experience more smooth and quick let me share with you a few rules my friend and I came up with to help you at the DELTA ticket counter.

1) If you’re ticket says your flight is operating by another carrier don’t come to Delta. Go to the operating carrier.
2) If you're running late the plane WILL NOT wait for you. When you’re not there I cannot see your watch so I have to use mine. So don’t say “oh but my watch says I’m not late.
3) If you miss the plane due to you running late, it is NOT the airlines fault and don’t expect us to put you in front of the line.
4) Yeah we charge for the 2nd a bridge and GET OVER IT. Somebody has to pay to send your extra bags and we don’t want to anymore.
5) My supervisor and those higher than me are the ones who make the rules, so asking to speak to them is not gonna do you any good.
6) You will need a valid ID to fly (you will be surprised how many people don't think they need one)
7) Valid means NOT EXPIRED!
8) If you are flying on an International flight, (leaving the country and going into another country), stand in the international line. We don’t care how many stops or where you are stopping first we only care about you’re destination. And most important you will need a VALID passport. With your CORRECT name on it.
9) Yes, Canada is another country.
10) No, Hawaii is not in another country if you weren't aware and therefore you will not need a passport to enter. (People really are this dumb) Side note: Don’t ask me if I was born in Hawaii and the very next question is “So how long have you been here in the United States” Yes I get that every day.
11) Travel Agents or Online Travel Services are usually not the best...if they mess up it's not MY fault.
12) When booking a reservation double check your flight times, there is a difference between AM & PM
13) Make sure you look at Departure time not Arrival time or you will miss your flight.
14) If you are in the SELF-SERVICE kiosk area, it is exactly that. You do everything yourself...we don’t have people there to help you. The best way to use it, READ, and most importantly, FOLLOW the instructions on the screen. And for you who can’t read we even have a video to show you what to do. Again, I don't make up the rules.
15) Don't complain when I can't help you and think I have bad customer service chose to do the SELF-SERVE check in. We do have FULL-SERVICE check-in where an agent will check you in...just read the signs!
16) The comment "I will never fly DELTA again" doesn't bother me a bit! We'd rather have "your kind" fly with the another carrier.
17) And I'll bet if you do go to the other airlines, their policies are going to be the exact same thing...because airlines usually copy each other.
18) 50 pounds is the MAXIMUM which means 51 is overweight and I will charge you.
19) If you are nice to us we will be nice to you. Which means if you are RUDE to us, we will be RUDE right back and our supervisors don't care. When you are rude we suddenly remember all the restrictions and charge you for every little thing we can.
20) Most Important thing to remember: Be careful what you do or wear in public because all the agents have camera’s on their cell phones. We will take your picture and put it on the Internet. That’s a fact.

What was this guy thinking?

Here's today's story.

This lady comes up to me really irritated waving a paper practically in my face and says "If you guys want us to use the Kiosk, Delta should put all the information we need to use the Kiosks on the itinerary, Look at this paper! do you see any confirmation or ticket number?" After looking over the piece of paper I passed it back to her and said. "Ma'am, that's not an itinerary, that's your phone bill. She felt so stupid she took the paper out of my hand and walked away.

I love working for Delta Air Lines however. I can fly anywhere Delta flies for free whenever I want. Especially home to Hawaii. Ah when I have money to stay there that is.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joke of the Day

One day, a man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very Sexy nightie.

'Tie me up,' she purred, 'and you can do anything you want.

'So he tied her up and went golfing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's Behind the Name

Everytime I call people by their names, I've always wondered what's the story behind the name. Especially if it's a nick name or even their middle or last name. Let me tell you about mine.

In an effort to make a little extra money, I signed up to be a substitute teacher in Davis County. My first day was at Viewmont High School in Bountiful. It was in the weight lifting and gym class. (A class I should have and still should be taking) When the first students arrived I realized, I have to introduce myself. What name do I use? Do I just introduce myself as Jimmy or do I need to be more professional and use Mr. Kaholoaa? As more students rolled in they stared me down. I got the famous, yea a substitute teacher. Their looked changed a little and thought this is not the substitute teacher we're used to. He's not a scrawny nerdy wanna be teacher who forgot to brush his hair before he came. This guy is huge. One of the more brave students peaked out of the crowd and said the inevetable question, Hey what's your name? I looked him straight in the eye and said, "My name is Jimmy Kaiwaokalanikeawepuhikinaokamalamalamaonalani Kaholoaa. (Yes I added a few more vowels) Actually I combined my middle name and a friends middle name. After he picked up his jaw from the ground he said, "that sounds like a Chief's name". I said as a matter of fact I am a Chief of a small village. As the students sat there in amazement they said, we'll call you Chief. After a couple of months of subbing for this teacher, he left to be a principal at another school so I was asked to finish the school year at Viewmont. I became close to some of the kids and till today in thier middle 20's they still keep in touch with me. Still not having any idea what my real name is they call me Chief.

Gigi is another nick name I am most known for. Mostly by family, they called me Gigi the very first day I was born. When my older brother would say Jimmy it sounded like Gigi. I was called Gigi before I could even say it. Speaking of Jimmy, I was named after my Maternal Grandfather James Pok Su Han. I hated the name Jimmy. Especally on the first day of school. When the teachers would call roll on the first day they would ALWAYS say, "now is your name really Jimmy or is it James or Jim". I would get so irritated and I would say "I would perfer you call me what's written on your paper. Why would my parents put one name on the paper if my name is somthing else." They would say "Gee Gigi I was just asking" Yeah everyone on Molokai knew me as Gigi.

Now let me break down the Hawaiian names. My middle name is

iwa=type of bird-Frigate or man-of-war bird (Fregata minor palmerstoni); it has a wing span of 12 m. Fig., thief, so called because it steals food by forcing other birds to disgorge; also used figuratively for a handsome person, as follows: Kīkaha ka ʻiwa, he lā makani, poises the frigate bird, a windy day [of a handsome person who draws attention, as does the ʻiwa bird poised aloft]. Ka ʻiwa ālai maka, the frigate bird that fascinates the eye [an attractive person]




What can I say my mother knew me from the begining. Kaiwaokalani=the attractive person that soars in the Heavens.

The last name says it all. I have no idea how far back the name goes put I know it fits me well


holo=To run, sail, ride, go; to flow, as water; to slide, as an avalanche

aa=aa is a type of lava. Aa flows are emitted from the vent at high rates ranging to 50km an hour, often with much lava fountaining. They may push down houses, walls and forests. However, the hallmark of aa lava flows is the very rough surface it produces when it cools and solidifies.

In short, Kaholoaa means the flowing lava or in other words I'm very nice to look at but cross me or touch me and it's going to hurt.

What's behind your name?

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's all about me!

I was introduced to the blogging world by my friend Ken Craig. (See: He is the best writer/story teller/blogger/friend. If I ever needed a good laugh I would just go to his blog. It wasn't until my beautiful wife started her own blog that I realized it's more then just stories so I wanted to get in on the fun. Well, Mashelle wouldn't share her blog with me. She said to make my own. So here I am at 2:21 in the morning creating this blog just an hour before I have to go to work.

Now that I have my own blog I can say whatever I want because "It's all about me." My name is Jimmy Kaiwaokalani Kaholoaa. I was born on the island of Moloka'i, Hawaii on October 14, 1970 WARNING: Mid life crises is shortly approaching and I promise everyone will hear about it and I have a feeling it's going to be costly. I spent all my growing years on Moloka'i until I graduated from Moloka'i High & Intermediate School in 1989. Shortly after I was called and left for my mission to the Washington, Seattle Mission. Two months later my mission was split and I was assigned to the newly formed Washington, Tacoma Mission.

March of 1994 I enrolled in LDS Bussiness College (Keyword: Enrolled) where I met my beautiful wife Mashelle Rex of Evanston, Wyoming and she instantly fell in love with my good looks which sadly has been lost since. (PLEASE visit to make a contribution) On July 21, 1995 we were sealed in the Laie Hawaii Temple and life was good.

Our beautiful Princess Jenna Ku'umomimakamae Kaholoaa was born April 29, 1996. (You do the math) December 18, 2000 Jacob Keaweikeaokalani Kaholoaa arrived and made our Christmas bright. Then the world changed on December 13, 2004 when Queen Emma Ruth Ku'umealani Kaholoaa assumed the throne. December 15, 2005 will be a memory we'll never forget when Jaxon Ku'umakanalani Kaholoaa's little body was sent to us to remind us how precious life is. He was buried on December 18, 2005 in Randolph, Utah. Oh and we have a dog too, Ella

Is it really all about me? When I think about it, it really isn't. It's all about everyone else. Fasten your seat belt, this will be the best ride you every had. Y'all come back. Aloha for now!