Thursday, July 31, 2008

I know it's Monday!

Sorry for making you wait. I've been so busy in the last two weeks. Problem is I have no idea what I did.

Well nothing outrageous happened at the airport in the last two weeks. Just the same old stupid questions. I did see some strange hairdos and outfits again but wasn't quick enough with my camera.

I was however dumbfounded when a lady two weeks ago brought her 5 yr old son to send him to Mexico by himself. I wondered what really happens to those kids because it happened again this week. These kids are barely 40lbs soak and wet and have no clue what's going on.

I think the most daring of parents I've encountered was when a 7 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl was sent to Barcelona, Spain with a connection flight in New York and Paris ALONE. These parents are crazy. What are they thinking. Whatever reason they are going there for, why not send an adult with them. Even though Delta personnel are with these children every single minute from start to finish it cannot be good for the kids. They are passed from one Delta person to another to another so these kids could be scared to death but with every hand there's no personal touch I wouldn't think. Anyway I know there are single parents who have to send their kids to see family and have no choice to send them alone but I still think you have to draw the line somewhere. I've seen many single parents fly with them and immediately turn around and fly back. Here to Boise or Los Angeles is way different then sending them out of the country. Side note: 15 - 17 year old kids can fly without paying or having the unaccompanied minor service if you wish. It's an option. So if you choose to send them alone don't come to the airport expecting us to watch them or if you want a pass so you can go through security with him and go on the plane with him to make sure he puts on his seat belt. Yes parents do that. If you're going to send him alone just send him alone. OK that was too much I don't want to even go back and read it.

One last note: Lets go back to my last post and remind you about rule #2 and 3. Just remember one thing. The Airport Police hardly ever get a change to turn on their lights so when they get a chance they will use it. So if you're running late, (again not Delta's fault) don't speed in the loading and unloading zones. They are just waiting to turn on their lights and give you a ticket. Just last week a woman was killed crossing the street at the airport here in Salt Lake City. It's a 10 mph zone. Don't speed. Unless you're bringing me food then hurry in. Until next week, ALOHA!!!


Dave said...

My niece worked in the Vegas airport for [censored] airlines. She met Richard Simmons once. No not the KISS guy, that's Gene Simmons. That would have been cool. No, Richard Simmons is the "sweatin' to the oldies" guy. Anyway, I guess he is just as peppie and obnoxious in real life as he is on TV. He jumped behind the counter and huged her... just thought I'd share.

Chelsea said...

We love your blogs about the airport. Kyle, my husband, flies everyweek for work and he totally gets a kick out of your posts. Thanks for the laughs!! Keep posting. Chelsea

Dave said...

Happy Birthday lolo!!! You look pretty good for 43!

Steffani said...

Hello? TIme to post again! :)